Visit Our Clinic In Horsham For Expert Lip Fillers

Lip fillers can not only add more volume, they can also be used to reshape and contour your lips.

Here at Visage Medical, our practitioner is committed to carrying out lip fillers which enhance your natural beauty and never look ‘fake’ or overdone. Indeed, often all that’s needed is a small amount of dermal fillers to boost the look of your lips.

We’ve helped many people from across Horsham and the surrounding area enhance thinner lips, without them looking puffy or unnatural.

Lip fillers are extremely safe, provided they’re carried out by an experienced professional.

That comes guaranteed when you choose our clinic in Horsham. We will carry out this procedure as carefully and diligently as possible, ensuring you’re comfortable throughout the process.

Although you might experience some bruising and swelling, this is temporary and should only last for a brief time. Our medical grade professional always uses the finest brands of dermal fillers for great results. Furthermore, all fillers can be reversed if need be.

Lips are a delicate part of the face, which means they need the utmost care. Before carrying out this procedure, we usually apply numbing cream to minimise any discomfort. You can find out more about the dermal fillers we use on our website.

If you wish to book an appointment at our aesthetics clinic in Horsham, don’t hesitate to get in touch today.

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