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Botox Injections

Dermal fillers

Non surgical treatments available

Treatments to treat dynamic and static lines on the face. By relaxing off the movement of very specific muscles in the face, we reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles. The benefit is not just corrective, but also prevention- as if you catch deep lines before they become 'etched' into the skin, you will vastly improve how the skin looks as you age naturally.  


Dermal fillers have many fantastic applications and often the results are immediate.

These products can be used to give more balance and lift to your face as well as even out deep lines. In the process fillers can act like a real life airbrushing, allowing more focus on your best features, and far less focus on the lines.

Profile balancing and facial sculpting are key applications of dermal fillers whereby they are used to give a dramatically more pleasing side and front-on view of a person by treating the nose and chin.

Gorgeous lips can be attained using surprisingly small volumes of filler. Lips can be shaped and given more volume with the results being as subtle as you desire. Even the thinnest of lips can be given enhancement which can lead to a far more refreshed, positive, youthful appearance.  ​


The Golden Ratio

Hands are often a part of the body that get forgotten about and few people realise that you can treat them with dermal fillers. Fillers are a fabulous way to rejuvenate hands to get them looking far more youthful.

By standing back and looking at the face as a whole and ensuring to work within The Golden Ratio, well planned dermal fillers can work wonders to bring harmony and an overall freshness to your face.

Treatments include:

-Lip fillers

-Cupids bow lift

-Lip hydration/ rejuvenation 

-Dissolving lip filler

-Cheek filler

-Nose to mouth lines

-Marionette lines

-Chin sculpting

-Jawline sculpting

-Non surgical nose job

-Tear trough (under eye bags, dark circles)

-Hand fillers for rejuvenation

  • How do we treat fine lines and wrinkles
    When injected into a muscle, the product causes the muscle to temporarily relax by blocking nerve impulses. As the nerve impulses are blocked the muscle is temporarily unable to contract so that wrinkles caused when the face moves are not formed. This gives the overlying facial skin a smoother, softer and more youthful appearance.
  • Is this treatment safe?
    The product employed has a long record of use and also has an excellent safety record in medicine. It has been used in other branches of medicine for over 20 years. It has even been utilised in paediatrics on children in a variety of medical conditions. It has been used to treat wrinkles for about 15 years and is now one of the most popular and commonly used cosmetic treatments.
  • Who can have this treatment?
    This can be used by men and women, however, men often need slightly higher doses than women.
  • Who can not have this treatment?
    People with infection at the proposed injection site People who have a previous history of allergy to the product People with muscle problems or chronic diseases affecting the muscles eg. Myasthenia Gravis, Eaton Lambert syndrome Children under the age of 18 Women who are pregnant or breast feeding People on certain antibiotics
  • Who should use this treatment cautiously?
    People at risk of bleeding eg haemophiliacs, people on anti-coagulants eg warfarin, heparin, aspirin and anti-inflammatory medicines. Certain herbal remedies eg gigiko bilboa, St. Johns Wort and vitamin E. People with excess weakness or wasting in the muscles to be injected eg people with a history of stroke or Bells Palsy People with chronic breathing difficulties
  • Does the injection hurt?
    The injections are relatively painless as the treatment is performed by a very fine needle. People therefore do not need any anaesthesia. The full treatment takes only 10-20 minutes and you can go back to normal activities the same day, although exercise is to be avoided for 24 hours.
  • How long do the effects last?
    It can take 2-14 days to see the full effects after the initial treatment. The cosmentic effects can last up to six months but typically range from three to four months. Eventually most people will continue to have re-treatments as the wrinkles reappear. However, in some treated areas such as frown lines, the wrinkles may well return less severe after repeated treatments as the unconscious muscle contraction habit is broken. A two week follow-up appointment is always offered to assess the effect of treatment and administer any top-up treatments if necessary.
  • Are there any side effects?
    Most people find the injections are very well tolerated and don't report any pain. Immediately after the injection there may be mild swelling and redness at the injection site, but this usually subsides within 48 hours. Slight bruising is also possible. ​ Side effects of these treatments are extremely rare but it is still important to recognise that they can happen. Occasionally the treatment may relax nearby muscle groups causing temporary drooping of the eye brow or eyelids. This may last for a few weeks but will resolve over time. As with any medicine, an allergic reaction may occur, although this is very rare. Conversely, there is sometimes relief from headaches with forehead treatments.
  • Will my face be completely frozen?
    Treatments are designed to smooth wrinkles causes by movement of facial muscles, but expression is still maintained. The final result can be tailored to each patient for the desired effect.
  • What after care advice should I follow?
    Avoid rubbing or touching the area after treatment and avoid bending down for 24 hours to avoid migration of product Avoid makeup and skin care for 24 hours Avoid vigorous exercise and alcohol based products for 48 hours Avoid hot showers, steam and sunbeads for 48 hours If bruising develops use arnica cream Try to contract the treated muscle areas for up to four hours after treatment by frowning and lifting the eyebrows to allow the product to reach all of the treated muscle
  • What dermal fillers do you use?
    Fillers are known by various brand names depending on their manufacturer. There are a few leading brands which have the best clinical data supporting their efficacy and safety. They consist of synthesised hyaluronic acid, which is supported in the collagen skin matrix. It is slowly absorbed over time as the molecules mimic natural compounds found within the collagen in the skin. Collagen gives your skin bounce but over time, and under the harmful effects of UV rays, the percentage of collagen in our skin reduces, causing it to sag and develop folds and creases. ​ All fillers used at Visage Medical can be reversed. Permanent fillers are never used.
  • Do I need to prepare for dermal fillers?
    Your skin will be cleaned at the time of the procedure but even so, try not to use any products or cosmetics the day.
  • Can all lines be treated?
    Every face is different and so is every line. Some lines are far too deep to simply be filled, but most can be vastly improved and softened for a far more pleasing appearance. Some times a combination of treatments are required for maximum improvement.
  • Will I feel the procedure?
    For all dermal fillers a numbing cream will be applied for at least 30 minutes. Topical anaesthesia means the area will be sufficiently numb so that the injections are not painful. The needles for the dermal fillers are very thin, so this helps in keeping discomfort minimal.
  • How long will the filler last?
    The length of time the filler will last will vary from patient to patient, and from area to area and also vary depending on the thickness of filler used. Lifestyle such as exercise habits, sun exposure and movement of the area in question will also be contributing factors. All gardes of all ranges usually last from 6-12 months. They are all fully biodegradable and gradually break down over time. As the absorption time differs with individuals, how the area looks and feels is the best indicator that a top up is needed, and this is particularly important to avoid over treatment.
  • Are there any side effects of dermal fillers?
    There are very few reported side effects with these products. However, side effects are the ones common to most injections - the most common being bruising and swelling. This is usually moderate and can be covered effectively with make up. Some patients bruise more than others and you should be prepared for potential bruising and swelling, especially after lip treatments. ​ In patients who are prone to bruising extra precaution will be made to minimise this. However, it is sometimes unavoidable with certain procedures.
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